Developing an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan

relapse prevention plan

The road to recovery from drug addiction can be pretty long and daunting. Even after achieving sobriety, it can still be incredibly difficult to stay away from the old habits that led to addiction. Besides denying your body the physical sensations it had been accustomed to, the pressure to remain sober and focus on other […]

Here Is What To Do When Your Loved One Relapses


Statistics show that more than 10.1million Americans are battling opioid misuse disorder while another 21million are battling other forms of substance use disorder. These people are fighting against a deadly chronic disease that is difficult to overcome; addiction. Although substance abuse usually takes a toll on the life of the victims, it also affects their […]

Understanding the Pros and Drawbacks of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment, commonly referred to as MAT, is an evidence-based methodology to breaking the cycle of drug addiction. With increased access to outpatient treatment and growing research supporting the use of Medication-Assisted Treatment to deal with addiction, more people are gaining freedom from a wide range of drug addiction disorders. But it doesn’t mean that […]

Is Drug Addiction a Choice or Disease?

drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most misunderstood topics around the world. While some people argue that it is a personal choice and anyone addicted to a particular substance lacks self-discipline, others believe that addiction is more of a disease that can’t be resisted by discipline alone. To some extent, both arguments are valid, but […]

Breaking the Cycle: Here Is How to Avoid Trading Opioid Addiction for Another

Opioid addiction

Let us be honest with each other. The process of healing from opioid addiction and staying sober is hard work. Sometimes, it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar for the victim. It can even be terrifying. One has to be fully prepared mentally and physically to cope with everything that may come their way. Unfortunately, some people […]