Understanding Drug Addiction Treatment Program Length

drug addiction treatment programs

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that many Americans struggle with every day. Victims who struggle with it often need urgent treatment to get and stay sober. Many rehabilitation centers offer medication-assisted treatment in different settings and for various lengths of time based on the patient’s condition. So, if you are going into rehab and […]

Opioid Support Groups: Everything You Need to Know

opioid support groups

Going through opioid addiction treatment is a relatively challenging process for both patients and their loved ones. In addition to the physical challenges, one has to overcome many mental and emotional challenges to complete their recovery. That is the primary reason why a significant number of the patients choose to make opioid support groups as […]

Comorbidity: Substance Use Disorder and Other Mental Illnesses


People struggling with substance use disorder are at an increased risk of developing one or more chronic diseases or mental illnesses. The co-existence of substance use disorder and other mental illnesses is usually referred to as co-occurring disorders and is common among patients receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT). According to a 2018 survey conducted by SAMHSA, […]

What Are the Different Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs?

addiction treatment programs

The truth is that overcoming drug addiction isn’t an easy thing for many victims. For many of them, the first step towards successful recovery is acknowledging their problem with substance abuse and being open to taking treatment. The next step involves finding a suitable treatment program that can help restore their health, happiness, and overall […]

How Does Outpatient Rehab Really Work?

Outpatient rehab program

Drug addiction affects a significant number of people across the country. A 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that at least one in every ten adults in the United States abuse illicit drugs.  The numbers are ridiculous, making drug addiction a personal disease that requires specialized and highly individualized treatment. Unfortunately, once […]